A focused strategy for raising standards at KS2

Our e-learning platform vision2learn for primary is a laser-targeted intervention to help below-average achievers reach expected levels before they move on to secondary school. Designed to help teachers identify precise areas for improvement in maths and English and create personal learning programmes, it includes hundreds of engaging, interactive e-learning episodes for teachers and pupils to use with whiteboards, tablets, smart phones and PCs. Testing completes the cycle to make sure learners are secure in their knowledge of key learning objectives.

  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Spelling & grammar

vision2learn is totally flexible and can be delivered online, in the classroom with teacher support and during breakfast and after-school clubs. Tasks can also be set as home- or holiday-work.

Maximise impact on achievement

At a time when schools are being asked to be more accountable that ever, vision2learn helps busy school leaders and year 5–6 teachers to focus their attention on the areas that will make the most difference to help all learners succeed.

With vision2learn, raising standards interventions become very personal, focused and target driven on areas of highest need so that they have maximum impact on achievement. Teachers can:

  • Create and manage learner records online
  • Complete targeted Personalised Learning Checklists (PLCs) online
  • Use engaging, animated e-learning lessons to help learners gain knowledge and practise skills
  • Release tests and track learner progress through online records.
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vision2learn for primary screenshots: Maths PLC and course materials

Pinpoint and create

vision2learn for primary screenshots: Writing PLC and learner platform

With vision2learn, teachers can pinpoint areas for improvement with laser-sharp accuracy. Interactive PLCs enable teachers to identify and track the topics that each child needs the most help with. Teachers can use their professional judgements to target, deliver, track and manage learner progress with the interactive PLC at the centre of the process.

The PLC enables teacher to pinpoint missing knowledge, create a targeted learning intervention and track a learner’s journey – from having no knowledge, or insecure knowledge, to being able to apply knowledge consistently and independently – using the PLC’s simple red, amber, green (RAG) method.

On completion of the PLC, teachers can control the release of the e-learning lessons for learners who have little or insecure knowledge of a topic.

Key benefits of this approach:

  • Efficient use of teachers’ time
  • Excellent data management
  • Evidence-based, trackable records.
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Teach and learn

Written by subject experts, vision2learn for primary content includes over 300 animated e-learning lessons – all bright and engaging to help motivate young minds and encourage independent learning leading to sustained knowledge.

Teacher-led or learner-led

  • Outstanding content in reading, writing, SPaG and maths
  • Content by subject, topic and learning outcome
  • Built-in modelling and scaffolding techniques
  • Learners can practise skills until they are used consistently and independently.
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“The materials are well-focused, appropriately pitched and really engaging. Our children love using the online materials and have found them a great way to consolidate learning.”

Lauren Urquhart, Assistant Headteacher, Gusford Primary School

Safari scene with zebras and elephants

Test and track

vision2learn for primary screenshots: SPaG Tests and course materials

A learner’s journey – from having no knowledge or feeling insecure to being able to apply knowledge consistently and independently – is complete when they successfully pass short tests in each topic.

Teachers can use their professional judgement to assess the tests and record learner progress on the PLC on the platform.

Key features of tests

  • Tests for reading, writing, SPaG and maths
  • Highly targeted tests by subject, level, topic and learning outcome
  • High level of teacher control – teachers can lock/unlock all tests or a specific test for a learner.
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Design and functionality facts

vision2learn for primary is built using the latest technology which means it’s designed to be fully compatible with whiteboards, tablets (including iPads), smartphones and PCs.

This makes it extraordinarily flexible as a learning resource, in a traditional classroom, a flipped classroom or for home-based learning.

Animated and interactive, users can input text, drag and drop, click with a mouse, use touch, tap or swipe – it’s definitely 21st century learning at its best!

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If you’d like to explore how to get the best from vision2learn why not join a webinar?

Our current programme includes the following topics:

  • vision2learn – How can it add value to my classroom?
  • Year 5 – Summer term interventions for low attainers
  • Year 6 – Give learners a boost before secondary school
  • Top tips for learning with iPads
  • KS2: Practical pupil premium interventions
  • Engaging boys with e-learning
  • Addressing lost teaching time with e-learning
  • New ways to run breakfast clubs

vision2learn for primary Resources shown on laptop, tablet and smartphone

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