E-learning the best way to start the school day at St Thomas More

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vision2learn for primary in action at St Thomas MoreOne primary school in Tees Valley has been one of the first to discover the benefits of the new vision2learn for primary learning platform. A group of Year 6 pupils at St Thomas More RC Primary School have been using the e-learning content in their pre-school Breakfast Club as well as their mainstream lessons.

According to Deputy Head Teacher Peter Doyle, who has been heavily involved in introducing the technology to the school, it has proved extremely popular so far. He said: “We started working with vision2learn for primary in October 2013, and so far our Year 6 pupils have really liked it. The bright and engaging interactive e-learning episodes appeal to a wide range of learners across different ability groups.”

The vision2learn for primary learning platform is a targeted online solution to help schools pinpoint areas for improvement in maths and English with laser-sharp accuracy in order to raise achievement at KS2. It includes engaging, interactive e-learning content to help low-attaining learners reach expected national standards (Level 4).

Address lost teaching time

Peter explains how St Thomas More is currently using vision2learn for primary: “Every morning we hold a pre-school Breakfast Club. Out of the 19 pupils who attend, we now have 12 using vision2learn for primary on a daily basis. They love the fact that they can simply turn up and get started on the tablets independently. Some are even using it at home too.”

St Thomas More’s Breakfast Club is a great example of how vision2learn for primary can address lost teaching time at breakfast and after-school clubs, or for home or holiday work. A series of bright, motivational and enjoyable activities, featuring fun visuals and animations, engage learners and guide them through each subject area. So far this style of learning has connected with pupils at St Thomas More, impacting on behavioural change as well as academic improvement.

Peter said: “Since we started using vision2learn at our Breakfast Club we have seen a noticeable improvement in attendance – especially amongst our key marginal pupils. We have two boys that are usually quite distracted during these sessions. They have been far more engaged since using vision2learn for primary.

“We also have a group of girls who are ordinarily quite shy. It has been great to see their confidence growing since they started using vision2learn for primary. They like it because it fully explains the learning topic and allows them to practise skills independently until they master it.”

Maximise progress at KS2

Using a thorough and systematic diagnosis via the vision2learn for primary online Personalised Learning Checklist (PLC) function, Raising Standards Leaders and teachers can identify, track and manage tailored programmes of improvement for pupils.Teachers can also release highly targeted tests for writing, maths, SPaG and reading into a learner’s study area to help assess progress.

At St Thomas More this approach to learning has already had positive outcomes for its pupils. Sophie, a Year 6 pupil who attends the Breakfast Club sessions each morning, said: “Normally I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I learnt with vision2learn. It’s helped me so much because it explains everything so well.”

Miss Wyke, the Higher Level Teaching Assistant who supervises the Breakfast Clubs at St Thomas More, adds: “It is clear that as soon as pupils sit down that they are eager and really want to work on vision2learn. This form of e-learning really connects with them. The topics we cover with the pupils in our Breakfast Club are really worthwhile because the content is reinforced in their main lessons.”

Peter Doyle has been equally impressed by the content featured within vision2learn for primary, which was written by primary experts to support independent learning. He said: “At present we have focused on the maths and writing resources. The content has been really helpful to our teaching staff, as vision2learn for primary mirrors and reinforces what we are teaching in class.

“In the past we have used other online resources with our pupils, but they have tended to be weighted more towards the play aspects of learning. We prefer vision2learn because it is comprehensive, offering full explanations of key learning topics within entertaining, interactive episodes.

“Looking ahead, our next step is to update the PLCs for our current Year 6 pupils, so that we can continue to build the progress they have already made. We are also starting to introduce the vision2learn platform to our Year 5 learners, so that they can get used to this form of learning in the next academic year.”

Head Teacher Jane Apolloni also sees vision2learn for primary continuing to aid KS2 achievement at St Thomas More. She said: “In the short time we have been using vision2learn for primary we have been impressed. The well-structured, interactive nature of the platform is engaging for our pupils – it is definitely having an impact on raising standards at our school.”

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